Aleksnadra Banasik

Years of working professionally as a full-time caregiver allowed me to gain extensive experience within childcare, children’s psychology and assisting parents to address various aspect of parenting. 

As a person who grew up in Europe and have lived in the US for many years now, I had a chance to observe two discerning and very different perspectives on raising children and approaching parenthood.

The ideal of “perfect parenting” doesn’t exist. 

As human beings, not only as parents, we mess things up. It is inevitable, so embrace it. Any time you feel anxious, remember it’s a sign of wanting to do well, and your wanting to do well will help you do well. As time goes by you will grow in confidence as you realize that when you make the ‘wrong’ decision, it isn’t actually wrong, because you learn from it – you know now the correct way to do something.

What is the key to perfect parenting I do not know as I do not believe such thing exists. I can tell you what’s the key to happy parenting. I believe it’s balance. Be consistent and set up boundaries. Shower your your children with love and give them as much time as you can. But if one day they are pushing you to your limits and things get out of control, it’s a part of your and their growth. Fill up that wine glass and start again tomorrow.

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