This is America's number 1 baby food guide providing all you need to know about your child's nutrition from birth to toddlerhood!

This eBook was curated by a childcare expert with an intention to empower parents to make confident choices and equip them with tools to make the milestone of introducing solid foods and transitioning to table foods worry-free!

The Ultimate Baby Food Guide!

What’s Inside the eBook?

A step-by-step meal prep strategy explained!

The author discusses in details all steps of baby meal preparations.

"What tools will I need?", "Should I steam or cook the food?", "How do I store my baby's food?", "How long can the baby food be stored for?" - she answers all these questions and many more making sure you are well-prepared to hit this milestone with your baby!

Professional advice!

Scrupulously written by a childcare professional, this eBook is based on her multi-year experience, extensive research and most recent American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendations. 

Aleksandra reviews all possible aspects of children's nutrition to help parents make confident choices, e.g baby's nutrition, homemade food vs. store food, BLW vs. purees, Dirty Dozen Foods, Table Foods Transition - literally ALL you need to know in ONE book for just $4.99!

A plethora of recipes for each stage!

Are you tired of making dinner plans for your little one? Sit back and relax! 

This Comprehensive Baby Food Guide offers maaaaany recipes and food combinations for each stage! 

There are easy, quick and nutritious  - what more could you possibly want?

Get it now for just $4.99!


Mom of 2

One of many things I love about this eBook is that Aleksandra really lays out facts for you to consider and leaves the decision to you! I love that she combines both SOLIDS & BLW and describes the entire process, from washing &  prepping produce to storage; and then explains all transitions in details!  And of course, the recipes at the end are fantastic. I already ordered the eBook for my BFF and sister-in-law.


Mom of 1

As a first-time mom I wanted to learn from a professional to make sure my baby boy gets everything he needs for healthy development. This eBook should be given to every parent before their baby arrives! The meal prep strategy, recipes and milk transition tips totally saved us. Highly recommend!


Mom of 3

This eBook was a life/time saver! Having so many recipes to choose from made my life soooo much easier. My  busy toddlers love the "Homemade mac'n'cheese" and "Protein pop-sickles"! Needless to say, I am all set up for solids when my newborn is ready.

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The Comprehensive Baby Food Guide!

Why do you need this eBook?

✔️ Tips from a childcare professional!

✔️ Common parenting dilemmas reviewed!

✔️ EACH stage discussed in details!

✔️ List of foods appropriate for each stage!

✔️ Plethora of recipes for each stage! 

✔️ Step-by-step transitions explained!

Get it today for as low as $4.99!

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